With over 9 years of experience building a wide range of products and services from both a product and agency perspective, my expertise lies in frontend web development with a strong focus on React. However, I'm also comfortable working on backend and operations.

I love to learn and always have one or more personal projects running in the background. My most recent is Leatherbound, a reading tracker for iOS built using native Swift/SwiftUI. It's been a rewarding and challenging project, and you can find it on the App Store here.

If you'd like to get in touch regarding my work or just want to say hello, feel free to shoot me an email at sam@sjd.co

Personal Projects

iOS and Mac Book tracking app

Leatherbound is a reading companion app, built natively for iOS and Mac using Swift/SwiftUI. Its purpose is to serve as a privacy-respecting, non-social alternative to Goodreads.

SwiftSwiftUIMongoDB Realm

Employment History

Atlassian (2020 — 2023)

Software Engineer

Specialising in front-end development with a focus on the React/Webpack mono-repo in Jira, particularly within Jira Service Management. In addition, I am actively involved in backend and operational work, collaborating on Java/Kotlin monoliths and micro-services deployed on AWS. My responsibilities include contributing to product features and bug fixes, participating in code reviews, mentoring junior team members, leading technical projects, and managing incidents with a 24/7 on-call roster.

TypeScriptReactStyled ComponentsGraphQLStorybookJava/KotlinAWS

Adrenalin Media (2018 — 2020)

Senior UI Developer

UI Developer

JavaScriptTwigReactReact NativeGSAPPHPWordPress

Bright Agency (2015 — 2018)

Web Developer

Junior Web Developer


Technical skills


HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, Flow, Java, Kotlin, PHP, Swift


React, React Native, Webpack, Parcel, Node/NPM, NextJS, Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library, Cypress, Graphql (Apollo & Relay), Styled Components, Tailwind, Spring, Gradle, WordPress, SwiftUI

Development tooling

Git (Github & BitBucket), unit and integration testing, visual regression testing, AWS, Docker, CI/CD (Bitbucket pipelines & Github actions)

Design tooling

Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch