With over 9 years of experience building a wide range of products and services from both a product and agency perspective, my expertise lies in frontend web development with a strong focus on React. However, I'm also comfortable working on backend and operations.

I love to learn and always have one or more personal projects running in the background. My most recent is Leatherbound, a reading tracker for iOS built using native Swift/SwiftUI. It's been a rewarding and challenging project, and you can find it on the App Store here.

Currently, I am employed as a Software Engineer at Atlassian, a position I have held since 2020.

If you'd like to get in touch regarding my work or just want to say hello, feel free to shoot me an email at sam@sjd.co

Personal Projects

iOS and Mac Book tracking app

Leatherbound is a reading companion app, built natively for iOS and Mac using Swift/SwiftUI. Its purpose is to serve as a privacy-respecting, non-social alternative to Goodreads.

SwiftSwiftUIMongoDB Realm

Employment History

Atlassian (2020 — Present)

P40 Software Engineer

P30 Software Engineer

Specialising in front-end development with a focus on the React/Webpack mono-repo in Jira, particularly within Jira Service Management. I am actively involved in backend and operational work, collaborating on Java/Kotlin monoliths and micro-services deployed on AWS. My responsibilities include contributing to product features and bug fixes, participating in code reviews, mentoring junior team members, leading technical projects, and managing incidents with a 24/7 on-call roster.

TypeScriptReactStyled ComponentsGraphQLStorybookJava/KotlinAWS

Adrenalin Media (2018 — 2020)

Senior UI Developer

UI Developer

JavaScriptTwigReactReact NativeGSAPPHPWordPress

Bright Agency (2015 — 2018)

Web Developer

Junior Web Developer


Technical skills


HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, Flow, Java, Kotlin, PHP, Swift


React, React Native, Webpack, Parcel, Node/NPM, NextJS, Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library, Cypress, Graphql (Apollo & Relay), Styled Components, Tailwind, Spring, Gradle, WordPress, SwiftUI

Development tooling

Git (Github & BitBucket), unit and integration testing, visual regression testing, AWS, Docker, CI/CD (Bitbucket pipelines & Github actions)

Design tooling

Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch